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We hope to do this starting with our initial meeting.  By asking questions and looking at pictures together, we can help you hone in on your style so that a Design Agreement can be presented. We can also provide input based on our experiences about your venue.

But what if you are having trouble establishing a vision-you’ve been browsing Pinterest and are overwhelmed by all the options. We can help! There is always a place to start:) Consider your venue. If you are having an outside winery ceremony then perhaps a romantic, garden look and feel with some rustic or bohemian touches would be appropriate. The Venue, The Season, Your Love Story can be broken down and definitely play a role in establishing your style.


We consider the Design Agreement to be an important part of the planning process. This is one place where we demonstrate that we understand your vision. We like to provide lots of details about what you will see on your wedding day.

We don't often do examples since the product available during the planning process may not be the same as on your wedding day. Because of this we like to ensure through the Design Agreement that you know what you will see on your wedding day.


We know this can be an overwhelming time with so many decisions and tasks. We hope we can take a bit of the burden off by not only helping develop your vision but also by offering our expertise about your venue. We have worked at many of the venues throughout the Central valley. Each venue has different opportunities for blooms and décor as well as specific guidelines. Each venue is unique. Having an established relationship with the coordinators at your venue,  knowing the opportunities or choices for flower placement,  and being aware of the rules and expectations of that venue can ease the planning process because you are not starting from scratch.


We offer full-service delivery and set-up, transition of items from ceremony to reception (if needed) and pick up of rental items after the event. This way you don't have to worry about who to assign these tasks. One less thing for you to do!



Flowers are an investment in the beauty of your day - and can be an expensive part of the day especially if you are looking at those Pinterest photos! One way to maximize your budget is of course the use of seasonal blooms. There are so many varieties available in each season that it shouldn’t be a problem to find blooms to reflect your style.


Another way to maximize your budget is to reuse items from the ceremony at the reception. We like to use Bridesmaid’s bouquets on the head table. Arch pieces can decorate a Sweetheart table. Aisle pieces can go on cocktail tables or dessert displays. Having the blooms play double duty is a great way to save.


In addition, ask us about our rental items. Instead of purchasing vases or candles or lanterns or an arch that you use once, we can provide these items for less. If we don’t have a certain item that you are looking for, we may know where to find it or can research where to find it and can get in touch with that vendor for you.




We want to be helpful! If it is helping you find an arch or get in contact with the venue. If you already have vases or votive candles that you would like to use, we are okay with that too!

We also offer a la carte florals for pick-up if you do not need us to deliver and set-up the items. 


You should feel confident in knowing when things will be happening. Initially we recommend getting in touch as soon as you are engaged and have started the planning process. We meet with our Bride and Grooms anywhere between 6-12 months before the wedding. More than a year out it is difficult to provide accurate costs since prices change. If we are contacted a year and a half before the wedding, we welcome an initial conversation, provide some general price ranges to help with budgeting and can pencil you into our calendar if desired. Our process looks a little something like this...


You got in touch/Initial phone call 

Consultation/Budget discussion

Design agreement provided

Possible revisions

Design Agreement signed-10% deposit due

Keep us up to date on any tweaks

Final phone call three weeks before event-possible revision-Remaining balance due

Wedding Day!:)))


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